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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Francis  1830New York I784
2 Barr, Jennie A  1850New York I845
3 Barr, John Mason  New York I829
4 Blanchard, Adonijah  1791New York I963
5 Blanchard, Eva Marie  1863New York I983
6 Blanchard, Frank Oliver  10 Apr 1853New York I974
7 Blanchard, George D  1848New York I972
8 Blanchard, Hannah  1823New York I966
9 Blanchard, Harriet   I75
10 Blanchard, Harriet  1862New York I982
11 Blanchard, James B  1846New York I971
12 Blanchard, James L  1871New York I984
13 Blanchard, Jonathan  1816New York I965
14 Blanchard, William  1852New York I973
15 Blanchard, William A  1835New York I968
16 Brown, Caroline  6 Nov 1793New York I750
17 Clark, Edna E.  1859New York I860
18 Clark, Eliza B.  1866New York I863
19 Clark, Eliza M.  1856New York I859
20 Clark, George S.  1851New York I864
21 Clark, John R.  1849New York I858
22 Clark, Leona  1870New York I862
23 Clark, Mary A  1856New York I865
24 Clark, William S.  1862New York I861
25 Cooper, Benjamin  1826New York I999
26 Cooper, Benjamin  1826New York I1000
27 Cooper, Francis  1859New York I1004
28 Cooper, James  1856New York I1002
29 Cooper, Lillie  1865New York I1005
30 Cooper, Mary A.  Oct 24 1851New York 2
31 Cooper, Rose  1854New York I1001
32 Cooper, William  1863New York I1003
33 Darling, Frances Jeanette  1830New York I788
34 Darling, Susan  1806New York I790
35 Elliott, Adam I.  09 Mar 1844New York I832
36 Elliott, Christiana  1842New York I842
37 Elliott, George  1849New York I833
38 Elliott, Henrietta  1837New York I839
39 Elliott, Isabel  1852New York I836
40 Elliott, James  1854New York I835
41 Elliott, Janet  1840New York I841
42 Elliott, Margaret  1836New York I838
43 Elliott, Mary A.  1833New York I837
44 Elliott, Thomas  1847New York I843
45 Elliott, Walter  1838New York I840
46 Gray, Ephraim Carpenter  20 Apr 1788New York I749
47 Gray, Ephraim Carpenter  18 Dec 1823 or 1822New York I747
48 Kidder, Alonzo  1842New York I993
49 Kidder, Basehard  1847New York I997
50 Kidder, Erastus  18 Jun 1795New York I991

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Adonijah  1850 to 1860New York I963
2 Clark, William Garlick  1906New York I856
3 Webb, Jane  New York I877


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Lindley / Tomlinson   F078